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Sunday, December 10, 2006

"I am chicken, she is maaaaaaa"

"Sir and Mdm, which lunch set would you like to have?"

"I am Chicken, she is errr, maaaaaaaaaaa"

Once again, the different use of the English language conjures up opportunities for laughter. This was a conversation overheard between the cabin crew and two Indian passengers male and female. ok, first better have a disclaimer, I don't claim to have the best English language use or want to criticise anything but just sharing this experience for laughter's sake, story ends here.

So yea, our 2 dear friends are clearly challenged in the English department, and it was really quite funny for someone to say "I am chicken, she is" and I think "lamb" was not in his dictionary yet, so........... affectionately he imitated the lamb sound.

I mean...... this is so cute. ha ha.

More fun incidents coming your way, stay tuned. :o)

PS : ok, now someone criticise my Hindi please. Ek Toe Tin Char Punch Chay Sat Art No Desk ?


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