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India Rant and Raves

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last 8 days in India

Time flies........... 8 more days to go before I leave India for good !

Been busy doing what I missed, I mean, checking out places which I wanted to go but never did really get down to doing it. eating joints, shopping places, etc. Just came back from dinner in fact from this place which was like open for 65 years, err, ok, 10 years in it's current location, and I like have seen it many many times but never really stepped in to have a meal there. Ok, not bad, the food.

Erm, should I visit the Golden Temple again ? Considering that I have done it like 12 times and now I would know more about Sikhism than my original religion Buddhism, well, maybe not.... but then again, maybe it's the last time in my life to visit the golden temple. Oh well....