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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Subway opens in Amritsar

at last.... a long term solution to my quest for non-indian food ! To God be the Glory !

As you all know, Amritsar, being a small place tucked away in North India, suffers from exposure to the world, I mean, non exposure to the world. Thus, our simple pleasures like KFC, MacDonalds, Coffee Bean are not here. At last with the coming of Subway, to add to the Dominos and Pizza Hut, we finally see this secluded town coming up.

My trip to Subway to buy take away lunch was not without adventure though. As I was walking out of the front glass door, this security guard opens it for me. I was thinking "wah, not bad siah!". Later this guys blabbers something in Hindi to me. I say "huh, I don't speak Hindi (in Hindi), English please". He says in simplistic English "I open door for you, only 5 rupees"



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