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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gari Cho

7am I was sleeping soundly and my door bell began ringing furiously.... like you know, someone continuously pressing the buzzer frantically.

I thought it was an emergency or something, having just been jolted from my sleep and unable to think clearly.

Rush to open the door. Out side was this young indian boy whom I recognised as one of the bell boys from the hotel. He says to me "Gari Cho". I said "what?" He said "G a a r i C h o", I said "No I don't understand Hindi, can you say in English. You mean Car something ?" I knew Gari was something like Car.

"Yes, yes, car..... cho" the boy replied.

In my mind I was thinking, bloody what is this "cho"? Someone walking up my at 7am with a frantic buzz on my door and mentioning my car probably is something worth my attention. I thought maybe my car had caught fire downstairs !

"gari", and he makes a circular motion w his hand. "cleaned?" i asked.

"han ji han ji, gari cleaned".........

"KNNBCCB, wake me up at 7am to tell me my car is cleaned ? Nothing better to do is it ?"

Of course I did not manage to release my dictionary of hokkien bullets on him, anyway what difference would it make ? He won't even understand, much more he won't even understand that waking someone up at this wee hour for a piece of useless information is not appropriate.

My God........


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