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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I will never be able to understand the traffic here.

They say if you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere, I've heard that countless times.

True, and false.

For a start, I can never understand the way the bikes zip around the cars. I mean, imagine you are driving along, and a bike just happens to be like 0.5m from your left front headlight. Crusing along happily....... and suddenly, this bike swerves right into your path to make a right turn.

So, who loses more when I knock into him/her/it ?

I mean, shouldn't the person who is riding the bike be more conscious of whether he/she/it will be hit in this case, rather than pass the responsiblity to the poor driver ?

Then............ people, old folks walking at 2kmph, children running at 10kmph, traffic from all directions, make up the bloody mess at every, and I mean every roundabout and junction. The adage "give way to the right" doesn't seem to apply here.

So, my point of view would be more of "if you have driven in India, you won't be able to drive anywhere else !"


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